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You May Need A Permit!

Any work that occurs in the bed (that portion of water body covered by water), bank (the rising ground bordering a water body that serves to confine the water to the channel or bed) or boundary (the end of the riparian zone) of a water body or watercourse, or any discharge with adverse effects on water, is subject to The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010, and requires that an Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit is obtained prior to beginning work.  Work conducted on water bodies or watercourses that are wholly contained on private land, owned by one individual that does not flow into other surface waters are exempt from the permit requirement.

Types of work that require an Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Road developments such as culvert and bridge installation; maintenance and removal; low-level crossings; ford crossings; and temporary crossings;
  • Shoreline stabilization (includes retaining walls);
  • Recreational developments such as permanent crib-docks; beaches; boat launches; boat houses; lake access trails; marinas; breakwaters; and boardwalks;
  • Riparian and aquatic vegetation removal;
  • Water conveyance projects such as channel clearing; channelization; wetland infilling/drainage; existing drainage ditch maintenance; and construction of new ditches; and
  • Water use infrastructure such as pumphouses; water intakes; and waterline development.

For More Info and Applications, please visit the Water Security Agency's Website at

Permit Info

  • Principle Building (House, cabin, etc.)
  • Accessory Building (Garage, shed, bunkhouse, etc.)
  • Decks (Covered and uncovered)
  • Retaining walls
  • New construction
  • Renovations that change the structure
  • Additions
  • Home Occupations
  • Care Home Operations
  • Bed and Breakfast Operations

(Note: zoning setbacks and requirements must still be adhered to)

  • Public Works: a permit is required for the installation of new transmission lines.
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Signs:
    • No more than one permanent sign is permitted on a residential lot, 2 permanent signs for commercial lot.
    • Home occupation sign face must be within 0.4 m²
    • Commercial sign face must be within 4 m²
    • No sign shall be located in a manner that may obstruct or jeopardize the safety of the public.
    • Off-site advertising of commercial services such as billboards, are prohibited.
  • Docks – do not need a permit from the municipality but are subject to Provincial and Federal departments/agencies.
  • Accessory Buildings: Single story accessory buildings less than 9m² (97 ft²) in main floor area do not require a development permit.
  • Fences
  • Maintenance & Repair: That do not include structural alterations do not require a development Permit.
  • Demolition permits are required when demolishing a building within the Resort Village.
  • Moving Permits are required when moving a structure on or off a lot within the Resort Village unless it coincides with the conditions of a development permit and not required.

Building Permits are not issued unless a development permit has also been issued.

  • New building construction
  • Structural changes or renovations
  • Building relocation
  • Change of building use or occupation
  • Increasing wall opening sizes
  • Building repairs or renovations
  • Interior alterations, interior development, and basement development
  • All accessory buildings
  • Exterior stairs or landings
  • Decks that are greater than 8 inches above grade
  • Roof enclosures over an existing or new deck
  • Re-roofing projects were roof sheathing is being replaced or insulation is being removed.
  • Fences, driveways, sidewalks
  • Cosmetic repairs such as paint or minor repair to exterior finish
  • Siding replacement that does not include any structural components such as sheathing
  • Replacement of windows and doors in existing opening that are not increasing the width
  • Roof replacement that does not include any structural components such as sheathing.
  • Accessory Buildings 9m² (97 ft²)  or less (still must adhere to setbacks)
  • Development Form completed fully and signed
  • Site plan shall be prepared by a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor (SLS) showing the dimensions of the site and the size and location of the site of any existing and any proposed development. Submit 2 copies at time of application. 
  • Covered deck dimensions
  • Square footage of proposed development
  • Legal Land location
  • Existing use of land
  • Proposed use of land
  • Construction plans of the proposed development
  • Building Permit completed fully (if applicable)
  • Permits usually take 1-2 months to be issued
    • 1 week, approximately for development permit review unless additional info is required from applicant.
    • 2 weeks, building inspection review for plan review.
    • 1 week, plan review received, and Notice of Decision provided off to Municipal Office.
    • 1 week, payment by applicant for approved permit, and mailing.

You can send completed permit forms to the Resort Village or Northbound Planning Ltd.

Depending on your zoning district certain developments are permitted, discretionary, or prohibited.  Contact the Development Officer to determine if your development is permitted or development.

  • Residential Permitted Developments
    • Single detached dwellings
    • Public parks
    • Places of worship
    • Community halls
    • Municipal facilities
    • Public works
  • Residential Discretionary Developments

(Approved at the discretion of Council)

    • Mobile homes
    • Bed and Breakfast homes
    • Home occupations
    • Daycares
    • Accessory dwelling units
    • Personal care homes
  • Setbacks for Residential District
  • Front yard – 6 m (20 ft)
  • Side yard – 1.5 m (5 ft)
  • Rear yard – 6 m (20ft)
  • Floor area minimum 50m² (600 ft²)
  • Maximum site coverage 40% 

If you have questions about zoning regulations, please contact the Resort Village Office or Northbound Planning.

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